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Price list

15 years of experience in washing and drying all your laundry….

Hereby a shortened price list of the services offered by Wassalon Groningen

Please note: Prices are from the amounts listed below

Pricelist washing

Washing From €4,00
Drying From €2,50
Ironing From €2,50
Shit (washing, drying and ironing) From €2,80
Quilt From €14,50
Wool quilt From €17,00
Curtains From €15,00
Mattress protector From €16,00

Pricelist dry cleaning

A couple examples of the prices for dry cleaning. For more information you can contact us.

Trousers From €7,45
Colbert From €9,45
Gillet From €4,95
Skirt From €7,45
Dress From €12,95
Shirt From €4,75

We also take care of clothing repairs or adjustments. For prices, please contact us.

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